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Tandem Skydiving and Solo Skydiving

Tandem Skydiving from £200.


Tandem Skydive Experience

Tandem Skydiving Experience

From £200. The Tandem Skydive - Experience a long freefall, safe in the hands of one of our fully qualified British Parachute Association club instructors. After a short briefing the Tilstock aircraft will take you to up to ten thousand feet, nearly 2 miles. You will be able to check out the views on the way up before sliding to the edge of the door attached to one of our team of Instructors. You will freefall reaching about 130 miles an hour before the parachute opens at about 5000' above the ground. Enjoy the cruise down to the landing area.

Solo Static Line Jump Course

Solo Static Line near Birmingham

£200 for days training and jump. Jump on your own! This course is designed for novices. No experience necessary. If you want to be in control of the parachute and jump out of our aircraft from over three thousand feet, steering the parachute down by yourself, maybe this is for you. After a day's tuition by our fully qualified British Parachute Association instructors you will be ready to jump on your own.

Charity Skydiving

Charity Skydive

From £230.Charity Tandem Skydives or Static Line Parachute Jumps. Choose your own charity or one of our charity partners. A parachute jump for charity is a popular way of experiencing our sport. You can participate in a Sponsored Parachute Jump for whatever cause you wish to; for example, You can raise money for your local hospice or any other cause that is close to your heart.

Skydiving at Skydive Tilstock

Here at skydive tilstock freefall club, we specialise in the exhilarating Tandem Skydive and Solo Parachute Jump Course. We are not an experience agency but a skydiving club who showcase our sport and can organise charity events in association with our charity partners. In a nutshell, all we need to know from you is, the participant's name, age, weight and height and a £70 deposit will secure an available date or giftvoucher. See our basic requirements. Whether you plan to make a one off skydive or want to pursue it as a hobby, you are just a phone call away from making it a reality. Tel 01948 841111.

The Skydiving Experience

Skydiving gives you a sensation you cannot explain to those who haven't skydived. You have to experience it to understand.

You can imagine the sensation of sitting on the edge of the aircraft and falling earth bound. You imagine it being similar to driving over the edge on a big dipper or in a fast car over a hump-back bridge and the weird sensation you get in your stomach. Skydiving is nothing like that. Find out here. Skydive at skydive tilstock freefall club the ultimate experience.

Our Location

If you live between Manchester, Liverpool, West/North Wales and Birmingham, we are the closest skydiving facility to you. The nearest skydiving facility to us is nearly 100 miles away in any direction!

We are a well established club. Skydiving here at Tilstock airfield since 1964 with our staff completing tens of thousands of jumps.