Tandem skydiving at Skydive Tilstock

Here at Skydive Tilstock Parachute Club, we specialise in the exhilarating Tandem Skydive and Solo Parachute Jump Course. We are not an experience agency but a skydiving club who showcase our sport and can organise charity events in association with our charity partners. In a nutshell, all we need to know from you is, the participant's name, age, weight and height and a £70 deposit will secure an available date or giftvoucher. See our basic requirements. Whether you plan to make a one off skydive or want to pursue it as a hobby, you are just a phone call away from making it a reality. Tel 01948 841111.

If you live between Manchester, Liverpool, West/North Wales and Birmingham, we are the closest skydiving facility to you. The nearest skydiving facility to us is nearly 100 miles away in any direction!

We are a well established club. Skydiving here at Tilstock airfield since 1964 with our staff completing tens of thousands of jumps.